Managing Category Permissions

What are Category Permissions?

This feature allows you to view and manage the level of access each user has for a specific category. If a category is not showing up for a user, it simply means that they do not have any access to that category.

How to manage Category Permissions

To update Category Permissions, navigate to the settings menu and open Report Management. From the main menu of Report Management, there are two headings, the first is Manage Categories and the second is Manage Reports. Under the Manage Categories tab, you will see 'Permissions' on the right-hand side under the 'Actions' heading.

Once you have clicked here it will bring up the permissions table.

Tick or untick the 'Allowance' box to add or remove access to that category.

What is 'Allowance Rate'?

Allowance rate is the number of reports the user has permission to view in that category.

As an example, under the Finance Category, there are 3 reports; Profit & Loss, Aged Debt and Aged Credit. You might only want to give some users access to the Aged Debt report. If you only choose to give permissions to Aged Debt it will then show the allowance rate is 1/3 for the Finance Category for that user.

To remove access to the entire category of reports you can untick the allowance box and it will remove access to that category and any reports that are in it.

Editing the report permissions in a category is done in User Management

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