Adding a New Category

What is a Category?

A category is a grouping of reports that are available from the side menu. You can add any reports to a category and control which users have access to them.

How do I add a Category?

From the main menu of Report Management, you will see 'Add New Category' on the right-hand side

Once you have clicked this it will bring up the Add New Category menu

Choosing an Icon

Find out more about Choosing an Icon for your Category

Choosing a name

The category name is your preferred name for your report.

Choosing the reports to add

You can then choose what reports you want to add to this category from your list of reports below.

Creating a description

Add in your description of the report and when you are done click 'Add' at the bottom.

If any areas aren’t populated, you will get a prompt at the bottom to let you know what needs to be added.

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