Managing User Permissions

What are User Permissions?

Administrators can control user permissions for various reports based on different user roles within the company. It also helps ensure that sensitive information is only available to users who require it.

Regardless of whether a user has access to a specific category, if a report is not ticked they won't be able to see it.

How do I manage User Permissions?

To manage user permissions, navigate to the settings menu and open User Management.

Under Actions on the right-hand side, you will see Permissions. Click here to bring up the Update Permissions box which contains a list of all reports.

Reports with a tick indicate that the user has permission to access them. Untick a selection to remove access or tick the accessible box to give permission.

As an example, under the Finance Category, there are 3 reports; Profit & Loss, Aged Debt, and Aged Credit. You might only want to give some users access to the Aged Debt report. Untick the Accessible box on the Profit & Loss and Aged Credit report to remove access.

You will see all reports under each category in your list of accessible reports.

Click update to confirm any changes or to confirm no changes were made.

By default, all users will have access to all reports.

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