Report Layout

This article will give you information on how your reports are laid out. All your reports will follow the same lay out structure.

Report Name

This is your currently viewed report name.

Page Navigation

A report is usually made up of several pages, or views. The first section on your report page is the page navigation, this is where you will see the pages of your report and how you access them.

You can navigate between the pages as needed.

Page Title

Under the Page navigation, you will find the title of the page you have currently selected.


The next section is the filters, where you can choose what data you would like to see.

Making a change to your filters will change all the visuals on the report. Filters will apply on each page of your report.

The red arrow button will reset your filters back to the default selections.

Making a change to your filters will change the visuals of your report and those filters will apply on each page of your report

Report Visuals

Your report visuals will be below this, click here to read more on report interactions.

Using the back button on your browser will take you out of the report you are in, to change in/out of reports use the headings by page navigation.

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