This article will give you all the information on Favourites. Why use them and how to manage them.

What is a Favourite?

A favourite is a frequently used report that you can get quick access to. It saves the page and the filters you had chosen, saving you time when you view the report again.

Any favourites that you save will only be visible to you and can't be shared with others.

Navigating to Favourites

You can access your Favourites from the Homepage under "My Favourites".

You will also find the Favourites icon on the side menu, selecting this will open the list of your saved reports.

Adding a Favourite

When you are in your report you will see the star icon on the top menu. Click on the star to add the report to your Favourites.

You will be prompted to create the Bookmark name.

Enter your chosen name and click Create Bookmark.

Managing Your Favourites

From within the favourites navigation menu, there is a link to the Manage Favourites page.

On this page you will find a table of your favourites showing the Bookmark name, the Report name that the bookmark relates to, and an Actions list.

You can edit and delete bookmarks from here.

Editing a Favourite

You can edit the Bookmark Name by clicking Edit under the Actions menu.

This will open an edit window from the right of the screen where you can update the name of the report.

Deleting a Favourite

You can delete the Bookmark by clicking Delete under the Actions menu.

Deleting a favourite can not be undone.

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