Drilling through your data lets you see more details of your current selection either by expanding through the hierarchy or by bringing you to another page of your report.

When data for a visual follows a hierarchy, you can use the Drill Down function to reveal additional details. As an example, the visual may show the margin per customer group. Drilling down would then show you the margin per customer city. Drilling down again would reveal the margin per customer. To return to a higher hierarchy right-click and select "Drill Up".

How do I drill through my data?

Right-click on a chart to “Drill through/ Drill up/ Drill down” on your data.

Drill Through

Some visuals offer you a drill through functionality. "Drill through" means that you are directed to a new page that shows you more information about a certain data point.

Drill Down

This button takes you one down in the hierarchy level

Drill down allows you to drill down into the lower levels of hierarchy. It will bring you to the next level of categories/grouping. Eg: Year, quarter, month, day.

Drill Up

This button takes you up one hierarchy level

Drill up allows you to go into higher levels of the hierarchy. Eg: Day, month, quarter, year.

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